FITE TN office bearers meeting with Agastha Softwares’ Management on Employee Dispute

     Towards the end of September, we received a complaint from a former employee of Agastha Software Private Limited, Siruseri, Chennai. The complaint was that the employee after working 3+ years at the company was not provided with relieving order, experience certificate etc., which became a problem for him in joining his next employer. We at FITE – Tamil Nadu represented the employee and the documents were provided to him after exerting pressure on the management via email and directly visiting the management with fellow members of FITE TN.

 A similar problem was reported on 03 Dec 2017 by another former employee of the same company. In a strongly worded email sent to the management, we condemned that practice and demanded immediate delivery of documents. The Director of Agastha Software Private Limited, Mr. Rangaiah Naidu invited us for a meeting to discuss over this issue at his office. Hence Parimala, President and Sathiesh, General Secretary of FITE – TN had a meeting with the Director and two other representatives of the company yesterday (12th December).

The Director conveyed his position that their company has a fair track record with respect to proper relieving of employees in all these 14 years of their business operations. It was only with 3 or 4 employees in the recent months with whom these issues had arose. The company representatives said that they requested those few employees to work with them for a few more months and hence postpone their resignation. Since they did not pay heed to their requests the company had held back their documents.

We from FITE conveyed that the company may have requested the employees, but it falls well within the right of the employees to deny the request of postponing the resignation. The employees have adhered to the regulations such as applying resignation and serving the agreed notice period and hence deserved smooth exit from the company. We also conveyed that the company had indulged in a grave fault and also an illegal act by holding back the employees documents’ as act of revenge on the employees, to which they agreed and regretted.

Being a small scale company with an employee strength less than 100, the management expressed their disappointment on young employees, who after serving them for 2 or 3 years choose to move out to top companies. We explained to them that in the market based economy, labour power, which happens to be a commodity is available in the form of labour market which is sold by employees for monthly salaries. For employees, employment implies their means of livelihood and survival, but for employers, running business implies profit. We explained to them that in this market based economy, workers moving to companies offering better salary and job security is an inevitable process. We also suggested that existence of Trade Unions in the companies would help represent the employees’ interests and thereby helpful to resolve the employee disputes in an amicable way.

The meeting ended with the management agreeing to provide the documents and we appreciated them for inviting to discussion over a table.

P. Parimala,


M. Sathiesh,

General Secretary.