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1) Why should I join FITE?

As an employee of IT/ITES industry,  we must be aware of the rights that we are entitled to.Being a part of FITE will grant us an opportunity to be aware of our own rights. This forum shall also be a place to share grievances,  examples of moral and immoral practices – that would serve as an awareness to fellow employees.

2) Who all can join FITE?

Employees of IT and ITES companies can join FITE.

3) Will my job career be affected if I become a member of FITE?

Certainly No. The notion that being a part of a forum would affect our career is a myth. Forum for IT Employees is aimed at empowering employees to question the unethical practices of employers and not to turn its employees as foes.

4)Will my personal details be kept confidential?

Yes. All the information collected would be kept confidential.

5) Does FITE play a role of a job portal?

No. FITE does not play a role of a job portal.

6) Can Onsite employees become a member of FITE?

Yes. Onsite employees who are governed by the laws of India can become a member of FITE.

7) Who all cannot join FITE?

Top level management employees who hold a position in making ‘chief’ strategic, management or revenue decisions cannot be a member of F.I.T.E.