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TCS Lay-off problem:

A lucrative pay scale and a lavish lifestyle is how the society sees the employees of IT/ITES industry. The truth as it turns out to be is that an industry giant in the form of TCS can thrash out its employees without any proper justification and the number could be a whopping 25,000.  Those who have worked for 10-12 hours and more, who have worked forsaking their vacations, who have discarded their physical and mental exertion, have become “under-performers” overnight to be sent off instantly.

This leaves us with a question, which the employer has to define and that is – “What is under-performance?”  But can an individual alone question it? No, probably not. But as employees of IT/ITES industry, when we unite and raise our voice – Yes, we can make them answer. The job insecurity that is widely prevalent in this industry has created much mental stress and a social unrest which is a threat to IT/ITES fraternity. This unrest can be mellowed down only if the employees are aware of their rights and peace can prevail only if the employees are empowered with a forum that can fight for their rights. The Forum warrants just that.