FITE in solidarity with Kumarapalayam Power Loom Workers Strike

In the year 2015, it was agreed to give 20% wage hike for power loom workers in the meeting with Namakkal district collector. The kumarapalayam power loom workers union is protesting since April 1, 2019 for the 20% wage hike. 20% means it is just Rs.14 – 17 per day/one power loom.But the power loom owners are not ready even for this wage hike and they tried to reduce to 10% hike. But the power loom workers union did not accept this and they continued the protest.

The Tamilnadu govt did not handle this wage hike protest properly. Instead it has involved police and arrested the AICCTU union leading people including Com. Govindaraj, AICCTU, General Secretary with false cases and put them in Jail.

Strike is legal right ensured in the labor laws and police does not have any role in labor disputes.

So, FITE urges the Tamilnadu govt,

To intervene in the power loom workers wage hike issue and ensure 20% wage hike as agreed in the year 2015

Release the leading AICCTU union activists who were arrested on false cases

Stop the intervention of police in the labor disputes and ensure the workers rights are upheld


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