FITE initiates criminal proceedings against fraudulent activity

Forum for IT Employees (F.I.T.E) – Tamilnadu is the Registered Trade Union under the Trade Union Act 1926 Vide Regn. No. 3598/CNI dated 10.10.2017, having registered office at the address given above. F.I.T.E was launched in 2014 in the backdrop of ‘TCS Layoff’, the Founding President of the Union is Ms. Parimala & Mr. Satish is the General Secretary.

Currently the Union is pursuing the following Cases in Tamilnadu:

  • VERIZON; Mass illegal termination of over 200 employees, Deputy Labour Commissioner-2 has instructed the management for conciliation proceedings.
  • TCS; Lack of Medical emergency at TCS, Siruseri campus leading to the death of an employee Mr. Moses on 27th Nov 2017. Following F.I.T.E complaint the Deputy Labour Commissioner-2 has ordered Inspection.
  • INFOSYS; Mysterious death of an employee Mr. Ilayaraja at Infosys Mahindra City campus in May 2017, Detailed Report & Status of Medical Facilities sought by the Deputy Labour Commissioner-2
  • AGASTHA; The management had harassed employees who had quit the company by not providing experience certificate. F.I.T.E Office bearers intervened to talk with the management and issue is resolved.
  • Disputes at Tech Mahindra, HCL, VIDAL Health Insuance under process.

We would also like to bring to your notice that some expelled members of the Union i.e. Vinoth, Vasumathi have captured our website & FB page and misusing the same. The said persons are fraudulently using the name of F.I.T.E and thereby deceiving the IT employees and public at large. Being a registered Union, we have initiated a Criminal Complaint with The Commissioner of Police, Chennai.

Request your continued support to F.I.T.E union activities to safeguard the rights of lakhs and lakhs of IT employees.

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Parimala P

President, F.I.T.E.-Tamilnadu