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*You must be an employee in any IT/ITES company

Who all cannot join FITE?

Top level management employees who hold a position in making ‘chief’ strategic, management or revenue decisions cannot be a member of FITE. (For more details Read our FAQs).

Why to become a member of FITE?

F.I.T.E. vouches to bring a much needed sense of “oneness” among employees of IT and ITES industry. The nature of work we indulge in, induces enormous amount of pressure – making us get disconnected from the outside world. Being present in a forum gives confidence that “You are not alone and You are part of a united society”.

Benefits of becoming a member?

By becoming a member of F.I.T.E., you become part of a larger group which speaks for the rights of the IT/ITES Employees in India. You will be able to join the ongoing discussions on the issues and trends of current IT industry in India.

Did you enter wrong e-mail ids during registration?

Double check your details during registration. If the registration password is not arrived at your inbox, you must have entered wrong email id. As a process of cleaning up our database, we are removing invalid email ids registered in our website. If you face any issues while registration or log-in, please feel free to send an email to