Minutes of Meeting: Kolkata 09 Jan 2015

Minutes of Meeting: Kolkata 09 Jan 2015

Employees of not just TCS but other IT companies as well attended the meeting in Kolkata. It was briefed to members’ confidence that FITE has futuristic plans for working towards establishing rights of IT and ITES employees. FITE Kolkata chapter will work independently in line with the other chapters of FITE functioning across India. A mass campaign is ready to be to be launched across the streets of Kolkata in the coming week to make people aware of the injustice happening inside TCS which is threatening livelihood of thousands of IT employees. Leaflets, posters explaining the TCS layoff issue are in the making emphasizing the importance of IT and ITES employees to be in the fold of FITE and request their support towards this noble initiative.

An awareness workshop “Rights of IT and ITES employees” is planned in the near future aiming at empowerment of employees of IT and ITES sector. Fellow members of FITE contributed towards expenses required for these activities. Report on expense in Kolkata will be available soon on FITE’s website. (A preliminary report on expenses incurred for FITE at various chapters is published in fite.org.in)
The next FITE status meeting is scheduled on 17/01/2015.

Fellow IT/ITES employees of Kolkata – Request all your support by enrolling as a member in fite.org.in

Victims of illegal retrenchment of TCS Kolkata – Please stay strong and be connected. We are on the voyage to find justice.

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