May Day 2020 – Let the rich pay for the crisis! Let us ensure Job, Food, Shelter and Health Care for all!

May Day 2020 – Let the rich pay for the crisis! Let us ensure Job, Food, Shelter and Health Care for all!

Dear Tech Workers, May Day Greetings to all.

Almost entire part of the world is under lock down at this time to contain covid19 spread and loss of lives. From Doctors to Sanitary workers, the health care workers are in the forefront to save the peoples lives from covid19 pandemic across world. The health care workers are carrying the entire burden of weak public health care system on their shoulders. Many of them have sacrificed their lives to save humankind. Big Salute to all Health care workers on this May Day.

This lock down period is also one of the most painful days for millions of workers in unorganized sector, agricultural workers and migrant workers across industries who lost their income. They are suffering to meet their daily basic needs and there are reported hunger deaths also in spite of surplus grains in the government food ware houses. Millions of migrant workers are stranded in poorly maintained shelters and they are on long march to reach their homes and many died in India before reaching the destination.

The people of middle income group like Tech Workers which has many financial commitments like housing loans, educational loans, vehicle loans, educational and medical expenses etc is facing a big challenge amidst the threat of growing job cuts and uncertain future. Many small and medium scale establishments have started doing job cuts, salary cuts. Even CTS like top companies has started with mass termination of contract workers without any concern about the financial hardships that employees would face. This is so inhuman. The concerned government authorities are mute to the sufferings of the workers. So, we fear the job loss/hunger deaths will be more than corona deaths if govt does not take immediate action on the growing job cuts.

This corona pandemic period has given an opportunity to realize what is essential for the humankind or what is not, especially the ill effects of privatization of health care system,what is meant by developed country, self sufficient economy in the era of globalization and big concern about the nature and environment.

The coming days will be a challenging one for the working class across the world. We may face brutal exploitative measures from the ruling class including long working hours, reduced wages etc., The rulers will try to justify all these exploitative measures in the name of rebuilding the economy.

Actually 99% of wealth accumulated in the hands of big corporates and financial capitalists are intact even during this pandemic. For example, TCS, Wipro, Infosys and CTS alone have the cash reserves of around $15 billion as of today. This wealth is created by the millions of working people across the world. This wealth must be redistributed now to restore the world economy.

So, Let the rich pay for the crisis! Let us ensure Job, Food, Shelter and Health Care for all!
Let us unite on the May Day against the exploitative measures in the name of rebuilding the economy or nation post lock down.

Our Demands:

No Job Cut No Pay Cut Pay Full Wages For Lockdown period
Declare forceful resignations of employees in bench/service as illegal
Provide special paid medical leave to IT workers under covid19 treatment
No to 12 hours of forced labour – Ensure 35 hours Working Hours per week

Provide all support to farmers from min supportive price to bringing their grain to markets
Provide personal protective equipments to all workers in essential services inlcuding sanitary workers
Ensure food, shelter and proper transport to migrant workers to safely reach their homes.

Stop the anti-worker changes in the labour laws
Do not curb the workers constitutional right to unionize
Stop dividing the workers and the people on the basis of narrow religious bigotry


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