Forum For IT Employees(FITE) In Solidarity With Workers General Strike, Jan 8,9

Forum For IT Employees(FITE) In Solidarity With Workers General Strike, Jan 8,9

Lakhs and Lakhs of Workers and Peasants are on General Strike across India on Jan 8,9. Since 2015, after BJP under the leadership of Modi came into power, there were workers general strike every year. This year youths, students and women movements are joining the strike in solidarity with workers strike. This general strike is against the Modi Government’s continuous attack on the workers wages, union rights, unemployment, impact of GST and demonetization on the economy and working class, fuel price hike and other anti workers, anti farmers, anti people policy changes in larger scale. This working class anger is against the continuous exploitation of workers by allowing the intake of more and more apprentices, trainees in production and allowing contract workers in the perennial jobs, Continuous onslaught on peasants,agricultural labors, unequal growth policies and crores of internal migrants across Indian states in searching for better livelihood. FITE raises its voice against the violence against Dalits, Minorities and Women. Forum for IT Employees is also in solidarity with all the striking workers,farmers across India.

Forum for IT Employees on behalf of IT workers is demanding the State and Central Governments

  • Intervene immediately into the ongoing mass illegal terminations and come up with strategy to ensure the job security of IT and ITES workers by all means
  • Strictly enforce all the relevant labour laws in all IT and ITES establishments without any exception or exemption. Impose stringent penalties for violation of laws.
  • Ensure that workers in IT and ITES industry are paid a minimum wage of not less than Rs. 22,000/- per month with variable Dearness Allowance based on the consumer price index
  • Scrap the existing unjust, arbitrary and inhuman Appraisal System and stop the abuse of the Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). Ensure seniority based pay hikes and promotions in IT and ITES Industry
  • Ensure strict implementation of the SHWP- Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplaces (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 in all private sectors including IT and ITES. Constitute Internal Complaints Committees in all establishments in accordance with POSH act

General Strike Demands:

  1. Arrest of price rise, universalise PDS, ban futures trade in food items
  2. Generate decent employment. Lift bank on recruitment
  3. Strictly implement all labour laws. Punish the violators
  4. Universal social security for all workers
  5. Minimum wages of not less than Rs 18000 per month for all workers including scheme workers
  6. Pension not less than Rs 6000 p.m for the entire working population
  7. Stop disinvestment/sale of public sector units
  8. Stop contractualisation in permanent perennial work. Equal pay for contract workers. No fixed term employment in any sector
  9. Removal of all ceilings on payment and eligibility of bonus, provident fund; increase gratuity
  10. Compulsory registration of trade unions within a period of 45 days from the date of submitting application. Immediate ratification of ILO convention C87 and C98
  11. Stop anti worker labour law amendments and codification
  12. No FDI in railways, insurance and defence



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