Let Us Raise Against Thoothukudi Massacre! Let Us Gather At Sozhinganallur!

Let Us Raise Against Thoothukudi Massacre! Let Us Gather At Sozhinganallur!

Day: 28th May, Monday 
Time: 4:00 PM
Place: Sozhinganallur Junction

Photo of an yellow T-shirt man standing on top of a van with an SLR gun and aiming at the helpless protesting people disturbed the sleep of all of us. Official count says 13 but sources at Thoothukudi say more than 20 are murdered by the police including a 17 year old student. Thousands of people of Thoothukudi claimed their right to live in the absence of the poisonous pollution created by Sterlite Copper plant. In response, the Tamil Nadu Government has behaved to be a henchmen of Sterlite Corporation and recreated a Jallianwala bagh type massacre.

We IT and ITeS Employees cannot be silent witnesses to this state terrorism. Let us gather and show our collective anger and resistance against this murderous government. 

Demands to the Government of Tamil Nadu

1) Mr. Edapaadi Palanisamy! Take Responsibility for the massacre and resign from the post of CM.
2) Publish immediately the Government Order announcing permanent closure of Sterlite Copper Plant.
3) File Murder cases on the police officers, collector and other authorities who indulged in this shootout. Dismiss them with immediate effect.
4) Withdraw all the cases filed against protestors on May 22nd.
5) Provide Rupees 1 Crore as compensation and government job to all the murdered victims’ families. 
6) Stop the arrests of innocent people by breaking into their houses overnight. Release the list of those in custody. 
7) Withdraw all police forces from the public places.

Bullets are not far away from us.
Your inaction will be licence to another massacre.­