Courageous FITE member fights her way back into TCS on the eve of termination date

Courageous FITE member fights her way back into TCS on the eve of termination date

Yes, it’s true. Today in the presence of Honourable Justice M. Duraiswamy in Madras High Court, TCS submitted that it is revoking the termination letter dated 22 December 2014 given to Ms. Priya (name changed) and pleaded to close the case.  The petitioner accepted it and hence the case is closed now. The courageous FITE member Ms. Priya who came forward to challenge TCS legally now got back her job and self respect, just a day ahead of the 30 days notice period.

The Honourable Justice M. Duraiswamy orally questioned TCS that why the organization is revoking the termination only after the petitioner filed the writ petition. TCS cited the pregnancy of the petitioner as the reason for the revocation as per the ‘Tata Ethics’ and revocation of the termination as an exceptional case. However, in the counter affidavit, TCS denied the claims of the petitioner in writ petition and claimed that petitioner does not belong to the workman category as prescribed in the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947.

Hearing the arguments and submissions by the TCS, the Justice ordered the closure of the case but kept open the disputes related to workmen category and other arguments raised by the petitioner in the writ.

Yes, It’s an exceptional case as the TCS ducks back to revoke the termination of a FITE member. We will not rest till the massive indiscriminate terminations are stopped by TCS and justice served to those affected in the process.

Mr. Thomas V. Simon , Vice President of Human Resources , TCS who issued the termination letter to Ms.Priya in 22nd December 2014 , issued a letter revoking the same today. It will be a remarkable day as it boosts morale strength to all IT/ITES employees in India.

Meanwhile, more than a dozen FITE members affected in TCS terminations filed a case under the Industrial Disputes Act in various Labour Commissioner Offices across India. Few of them have also filed the writ petitions in the appropriate High Courts.

TCS won’t budge unless we stand up for our rights as our fellow worker did.