Why IT Companies don’t follow Government Orders?

Why IT Companies don’t follow Government Orders?

Tamil Nadu Government, ordered 30th July 2015 as a mark of respect to Late Thiru APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India under Negotiable Instruments Act 1881. A G.O.(Government Order) was issued and it is available here for your view.



Obeying to the GO, all the public sector and almost every private industries announced holiday for their employees. Almost every shop was closed in Tamil Nadu except the essential services. Many shop owners voluntarily closed their shop in order to pay homage to the beloved people’s president. The G.O. was implemented by very few IT companies as well. In spite of the G.O. and it’s direction, most of the IT companies did not announce a holiday and employees were forced to work on that day. Those companies remained open and the business was as usual. We know the fact that Dr.Kalam wanted not to announce any holiday on account of his death. But the question here is, “Why many of the IT companies did not announce holiday for their employees on 30th July 2015?”.

FITE has managed to collect some details regarding the issue. According to the information and responses from our sources, the G.O. is applicable to all companies including private establishments. If at all any company wants an exception they should approach the respective labour offices. FITE has already sent an email complaint to Labour Commissioner demanding to take action against the companies which didn’t follow the GO.

Attention: Report the company names which were working on 30 July 2015 to fiteorg @ gmail.com . We will take it to the labour department.