Protest against illegal closure of C-Cubed Solutions (P) Ltd

Protest against illegal closure of C-Cubed Solutions (P) Ltd

IT industry has been continuously associated with the term growth by the Indian Government and the public. In 2008, when faced with recession, IT industries started laying-off their employees.  In 2014, top companies like IBM, TCS, CITRIX and CISCO have sent many of their employees home without giving any valid reason even when those companies were profitable.

In January 2015, C-Cubed Solutions based out of Coimbatore closed down the operation without any prior notice to the government and its own employees. About 230 employees who were employed in C-Cubed Solutions lost their job and livelihood. Actually it is not just the 230 employees who were affected, but the parents who were happy so far as their sons and daughters have got a job in their own hometown were also shocked.

Employees basic right is not protected by providing the below mentioned attributes, hence it is proven that livelihood of the employees are taken for granted.

  • Experience Certificate
  • Relieving Order
  • Provident Fund (P.F)
  • Due salary
  • Reparation

Agony is, the affected employees are not able to get into a new job without the experience certificate and relieving order from their previous company viz. C-Cubed Solutions.

Due to the protests that followed, the management of C-Cubed Solutions which agreed to settle the due salary before 27 January 2015 has totally absconded.

Neither did the management think about the lives of 230 employees nor did the government which is supposed to care after its people take any action against C-Cubed Solutions for illegal closure.

The affected employees who have been fighting from the day one have become members of the union for IT employees, the “Forum for IT Employees – FITE” and are taking their fight forward with the union’s support and protection.


Though Forum for IT Employees – FITE has moved to the court for legal advice on this issue, the letters sent by court to C-Cubed Solutions’ s head quarter at Bangalore is not being received by the representatives of the company on purpose and being dragged with unethical intention.  After all, the demand by FITE which represents the affected employees are just basic employment rights like Experience Certificate, Relieving Order, Provident Fund (P.F), due salary , Reparation.

As of now, Coimbatore is the immediate successor of Chennai in terms of IT growth. There are about 2500 employees working in IT companies across this city. Let us unite together to take this protest forward for the victims of C-Cubed Solutions.

Just because we did not have any union to unite ourselves to protect our rights we have been taken for granted so far by IT companies. This problem is not an isolated one for the victims of C-Cubed Solutions, termination of employees without any sensible reason and closing down the company without any prior notice can happen in the IT Industry in future as well. Let us be part of IT union – Forum for IT Employees (FITE) to protect and plant our basic employment right in our IT industry.

Venue : Near Redcross building, Coimbatore
Date : 18 April 2015 | Time : 04:30PM
Contact : 09941906390


  • Take Appropriate Action Against illegal Shutdown by the C-Cubed Solutions (P)Ltd
  • Ensure All 230 Affected Employees Get Their Salary Dues And Compensations.
  • Ensure That All The Employees Rightfully Get Their Relieving Orders And Experience Certificates.
  • Ensure Alternative Jobs For All 230 Affected Employees
  • Ensure That All The Employees Get Their PF Related Benefits Without Any Hassle

Dear ITianz it is our responsibility to stand for our fellow IT employees who have lost their job and livelihood because of the illegal closure!
Let us Unite! Let us FITE!
FITE is a group of IT employees just like you fighting for the rights of IT employees!
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