Aei Milku maa… Milkay… Milku Milkay…

Aei Milku maa… Milkay… Milku Milkay…

“Aei Milku maa… Milkay… Milku Milkay…

 Aei Milku maa… Milkay… Milku Milkay…

 Aei… Hotu Milku… Coldu Milku… Tonedu Milku… Skimmedu Milku…

 All types of Milku here…

Aei Milku maa… Milkay… Milku Milkay…”

Bendhra, the Milkman was on the road singing and selling his Milku Dabbas. The Milku Dabbas are packed in blue and white colour. Bendhra was carrying them on a brown basket over his head and was continuing…

“Aei…. Americaa… Europa… Aaprica… Austhraliaa… buyyu milku… tastu milku… enjoy milku… Milky milku…

Aei Milku maa Milkay… Milku Milkay…”

Bendhra’s usual customer, the American came and asked “Hey Nendhra… How arre ya… Get me four dabbas of my favorite one. Wouldya??” Bendhra was offended. This American never got his name right but in Bendhra’s mind “Who cares… He is buying my Milku. As long as he does that… let him even calls worse”. Bendhra gave him four dabbas of skimmed milk with a beaming smile. “This is just great. I want ya to get me 10 dabbas tomorrow okay?” said the American. Bendhra was elated and threw away the grunt he had on the American and expressed, “Oh yes!! Shyorr” and moved on with his sales, “Aei Milku maa Milkay… Milku Milkay”

Back in the yard, Asoy, the milker was seen busy. Ten beautiful cows were lined up and tied to wooden logs. Asoy wearing blue and white lungi and a baniyan was sitting near the fifth cow, Sushi and was drawing milk. The cow grunts “Maaaaaa” as Asoy had just entered drawing the fifth litre. The usual level for a day is 3 litres. “Durrr… hey hey…Durrr Durrr… just one more… you know? 3rd cow Devi gave today 6 litres… you have the capacity… you have the skill… come on Sushi… YoU CaN Do IT…” The last four words did some butterflies inside Sushi. She pushed and gave 2 more litres. Asoy was very happy and just as he proceeded to the next cow he saw a tired Bendhra coming in. “Hey Boss. How was the day?”

“Day was fine. The American asked ten more Milku dabbas tomorrow.” told Bendhra by taking a seat on a wooden log but still had a low and a not so enthusiastic tone.

 “Boss! Wow…That’s a big deal. We should actually be partying for this. Why would you be so worried Bendhra?” said Asoy blossoming with enthusiasm.

 “What do you mean party? The profit we see is not enough.”

“Boss! We are No:1 in cow milking.”

 “Whatever… I need to pay your cows, their fodder food, medical and all. Makes me feel sick…”

Bendhra inclined further on the log and gently placed his forehand on his forehead. Loyalist Asoy understood the wish of his boss. He wanted to please him desperately. He thought for a split second and then,

“Bendhra… You will make it.”


“You will make it double…!”

“Asoy. Now be clear please”

“You are going to make double the profits Boss!!!”

“What! But how??”

“Do you know The Friday Markets?”

 Bendhra started thinking about The Friday Markets. He knows what it is. Every Friday young Calves will be sold at The Friday Markets. These Friday Markets raise these calves for months and at the end, sell them. The calves sold there are young, tender and CHEAP. But why is Asoy talking about that?

 “Asoy. So this is your idea. Buy more young cows and make my profits go even lower. How stupid…!”

 “Boss we are going to buy 20 young calves and send away 8 out of our 10 cows in the yard.” said Asoy with an eyebrow raised and his tongue firm in his cheek.

Bendhra stood up in surprise. He started thinking – 20 cheap calves in place of 8 cows! No medical expense; less fodder. And more importantly – just a quarter of pay to be given.

 “Asoy. You nailed it! It sounds tremendous. But, what about the Milku? Would we get the same and more amount of Milku with the young calves? And why should we leave those 2 cows in the yard. They might give us trouble since we send their friends out. “

 “Don’t you worry Boss. Give those two cows any promotion or buy two white papers and write one word called award and give them. They won’t ask anything.”

 “What about my more and more Milku?”

“Ha! About your same Milku and more Milku. I will make these two cows draw more Milku from these new calves and give you.”

“And after these calves stand by themselves, we can send these two cows also!!!”

“Precisely, Yes! After few months, when these Calves become Cows, we will send them also. We always have The Friday Markets”

Bendhra was very convinced. He was taking his milk basket and started singing in his mind “Aei Milku maa… Milkay… Milku Milkay…” accompanied by drums and keyboard. But wait there is something missing. He kept the milk basket down.

“Asoy. There is something missing.”

“What Boss?”

“We need a name for this thrashing and buying thing.”

“Oh is it? Take it – Inflammatory Cowtrition” said Asoy instantly.

“What? Isn’t that Involuntary Attrition?”

“Boss, What is the meaning of Involuntary Attrition?”


“Inflammatory Cowtrition also means the same nothing. You wanted a name. So take it.”

With smile on face, Bendhra ascertained, “Your International Degree from Coward School in Milking, Licking and Kicking will always make our  SCS -Stealing Cows’ Services No: 1”

“Thank you Boss Bendhra. Take care of my 60 percent hike this year” blushed Kusoy. Sorry Asoy.

Bendhra gave a smile, signalled an eye, took his Milk Basket, went out and started,

 “Aei Milku maa… Milkay… Youngu  Milkay…”

(The above fictional story is written by Sathiesh , Chennai FITE member. The character names mentioned are imaginary only)