FITE Survey – Every Terminated TCSer should fill

FITE Survey – Every Terminated TCSer should fill

On Dec 12, 2014 – an article was published in INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES,  which said, according to TCS sources, they were “Planning Staff Restructuring Aimed at ‘25,000’ Senior Employees“. TCS didn’t  deny about restructuring plans and numbers then but maintained that “This is nothing out of the ordinary or a special situation for us to comment about”.

But soon after the Forum for IT Employee’s campaign (AgainstTCSLayoff) against these illegal terminations gained momentum, TCS is now coming up with the numbers of 2574 – employees asked to go in April-December 2014 and only 1000 jobs axed in 2014 in India and they were all non-performers.

Affected TCSers and others who are all witnessing these indiscriminate terminations, forced resignations, forced de-allocations from the projects can clearly prove that TCS claims about numbers and ‘non-performers’ are completely untrue. Through various meetings and with phone calls in and out of India with TCSers and FITE members , it is clear that the actual number must be definitely high.

Since many people received terminations during December, their last day with TCS falls in January 2015. The total terminations happen during the first quarter of 2015 will be matched by their planned hiring of 55,000 new professionals ( – Gross hiring target of 55,000 employees in the current fiscal year ending March 31, 2015, and may even exceed it). TCS may publish their quarterly results with the matched numbers and cleverly hide the total terminations happening across the country.

But, F.I.T.E. is determined to expose the real numbers to the people. We are coming to you with this survey, targeted only the ‘Terminated TCSers‘. FITE requests you to provide all data including uploading your termination letter (JPEG/PNG/PDF) – F.I.T.E. is committed to the privacy of your data. If we get a massive number, it could throw light in the false claims of TCS.

Please share this link to any TCSer who got terminated on or after Dec 01, 2014. Please fill the below survey. This should not be taking more than five minutes of your time.

[The survey is closed]