Minutes of Meeting: Mumbai 03 Jan 2015

Minutes of Meeting: Mumbai 03 Jan 2015

After getting introduced with all the people who have gathered for the meeting, F.I.T.E member Vinoth explained about the meeting held in Chennai previously with affected TCSsers. He also explained about Young Tamil Nadu Movement and launching of the Forum for IT Employees. He also explained the launch of the e-petition and the need to take it out widely. Having organized a meeting with Pune TCSers, Vinoth also shared the details of the Pune meeting.

Mumbai people shared their bad experience while receiving the etter from H.R.. They also explained that since their grade was more than C, they could not be labelled as under-performers. They said that many people got de-allocated from their project even though they were doing well in the projects. The fear among the employees that they may also get the letter without any reason gives more metal pressure among them. They said that this will affect their livelihood also. Through that meeting F.I.T.E decided the following.

1) To mobilize a campaign about TCS layoff among TCS and other IT employees in Mumbai.
2) To support the online campaign and register the affected members with F.I.T.E.
3) To work on legal proceedings. To meet the Labour Commissioner and give petition to him on the TCS LayOff

07 – January –  2015

Based on the decision made in the meeting, F.I.T.E members in Mumbai met Labour Commissioner on Jan 6, 2015.

A petition is about to be given to the Labour Commissioner by F.I.T.E Mumbai chapter on Jan 08, 2015 by 12 Noon