Petition on behalf of IT and ITES workers during Covid19 outbreak – FITE

Petition on behalf of IT and ITES workers during Covid19 outbreak – FITE





The Commissioner of Labor

DMS complex, Teynampet,

Chennai – 600 006



Respected Sir,


Forum for IT and ITES Employees (FITE) – Tamilnadu (Reg No. 3598/CNI), representing IT & ITES employees in Tamilnadu would like to draw your immediate attention on certain serious issues faced by IT workers in Tamilnadu at this stage of Covid 19 outbreak.


It is known fact to everyone that World Health Organization and many of the COVID 19 virus affected countries announced medical emergency. In India too medial emergency was announced and on 22.03.2020, we had observed one day curfew across the country as a way to create seriousness about the deadly virus spread among the people. And Tamilnadu govt has declared curfew across Tamilnadu from today 6pm to 31st March, 2020.


In the recent news published in economic times on 21 March 2020, it is mentioned that only 40% of TCS employees will be given Work from Home option as per internal note from Mr. Rajesh Gopinathan, CEO of Tata Consultancy Services. After the declaration of curfew, it is mentioned in the internal communication from TCS global head to TCS Employees that “ …To ensure business continuity and to provide essential services from the office location, Managers or Delivery Heads will reach out to specific associates directly”. TCS is one of largest IT Company in India having the workforce around 4.5 lakhs.

CTS employees to reported that min workforce is required to work from office location in the name of business continuity.


Our past experience with IT companies is that even during parliamentary and assembly general elections, floods, cyclones etc they are reluctant to declare holiday. They forced employees to come to office, asked to come through back doors, asked to compensate the leave by working in the weekends etc., So, the companies request for minimum workforce to maintain the business continuity needs to be monitored in this corona outbreak. This needs serious attention as more than 5 lakh employees are working in IT sector in Tamilnadu.


FITE request on behalf of the IT & ITES employees in Tamilnadu to take immediate note on these issues and pass strict orders to IT companies:


To ensure open declaration of closure of IT companies

To ensure transparency in maintaining minimum workforce at office and purpose of it to be openly communicated to employees

To ensure Work From Home for trainees, contract workers

To allow employees to take leave with pay immediately, If Work From Home is not possible

To reimburse the internet bill, phone bill and other costs during the work at home period

To enforce 8 hours/day working hours strictly even when they work at home

To ensure no termination of employment and salary cut including contract workers, trainees etc.,

To ensure this opportunity is not used to deny job confirmation, bonus, hike and promotion which is based on the employees’ last year performance






Forum for IT and ITES Employees(FITE) – Tamilnadu


Copy To:


The Health Minister of TamilNadu


The Director of Industrial Safety and Health