Forum For IT Employees – Press Release – Death of TCS Employee Prabhu in Siruseri Campus

Forum  For IT Employees – Press Release – Death of TCS Employee Prabhu in Siruseri Campus


The news of the demise of 25 years old TCS employee, K. Prabhu, from Nachiyarpuram in Thirupur District, Tamilnadu, has left the IT sector and the employees of TCS with grief and shock. Prabhu was working TCS, Siruseri facility for the past few years. On 19.02.2020, Wednesday evening around 5.30pm fell from EB5 6th floor north wing and died on the spot. FITE offers its deep condolences to his family. It is great loss to his family as his death is at so young age!

Police was informed and body was taken to Chengalpet govt hospital for postmortem. His father Kalimuthu was informed. This discussion is doing round among TCS employees that Prabhu attended the meetings in EB4 and went on 6th floor and tragic incident happened. Nielsen a stressful project is located at these floors. So, employees suspect it may be due to workplace stress also. Some of the employees say he might have slipped from the 6th floor. But as per FITE inquiry with some TCS employees, they strongly object to it and say it is not possible to slip accidently from the floor. The floor grills are designed in such a way to avoid such accidents!

Based on the informations and news reports available FITE thinks that there could be more chances to suicide. But we are not sure whether it is due to personal issues or workplace stress. At the same time we are not leaving any chance of accident at workplace also.

Another incident at Navalur, SSPDL building, near Pacifica Tech Park, on 13.02.2020, a female tech employee Urmila of 23 years old from Salem district leaped to death from 5th floor of the building. The company name is not revealed by the news media. Why Urmila ended her life at so young age? Is the question before entire IT community? FITE thinks that Govt, Labour Dept and Police dept have the responsibility to answer to this question.

Also bring it to the notice of the govt, labour dept and public that in 2017, Ilaiyaraja, 30 years old employee of Infosys, Mahindra City, Chennai was found dead in office premises in mysterious condition.
The suicides among IT employees are increasing as they are unable to maintain balance between their personal and professional lives due to unregulated working hours and stress at workplace. This creates lot of stress at their work lives as well as personal lives.

We demand
To Tamilnadu Govt,
Conduct fair and transparent investigation in Prabhu’s and Urmila’s Death
Bring in a policy and setup a mechanism to resolve all the concerns of IT community

To Labour Commissioner
Conduct fair inquiry on work place deaths of Prabhu & Urmila’s and take appropriate actions if they are work place accidents.
Ensure all labor laws and safety measures are implemented at IT campuses

To the TCS Administration,
Given the fact that Prabhu had lost his life at very young age provide adequate compensation immediately to his family keeping in mind the future of family.

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