Sheomangal Siddhantkar ( Chairman- ICTU and CPIML New Proletarian ) on conference “Present Crisis in IT Industry and Way Forward”

Revolutionary greetings to you and your team.

I welcome your move for organizing IT workers. It is revolutionary one. I welcome your fight for the securities of the IT workers’ Job and I hope your fight will prevent job cuts by the fascist governments and the obnoxious IT Industrial sharks. I understand, IT workers’ demands that you are raising cannot be realized by the traditional methods of the present trade union practices.

However unionizing IT workers is a revolutionary endeavor for which your forum is aiming at. I hope this conference may help you to move forward. I would like to suggest that IT workers movement should resort to agitate from the gate to state. Then and then only we can yield desired results. I would not suggest you to go for ransomwareism abruptly.

Yes, I would suggest piecemeal strikes from time to time for shortest possible period. so that the gate and the state can be taught a lesson of disaster. That they can face disaster if IT workers demand are not addressed properly. I hope you understand what I am suggesting here in. I extend my revolutionary greetings to all who are concerned to address the demand of the IT workers in a desired manner. I wanted to share my experiences with organisers and the participants in this field earned right from early eighties of the last century when IT workers and technical managerials were identified by me as revolutionary political potential that propelled me to call for new proletarian revolution on behalf of CPIML New Proletarian and I am theorising and practicing in this direction which is known to my comrades and friends.

I hope we shall manage to interact in no distant future, if possible, with Indian council of trade unions which will always remain with you and your team in action whatsoever. I feel sorry for not attending your conference, I also have failed to send any one else from ICTU. All these have happened because of short notice. But we shall plane afresh to cooperate each other. Again with warm greetings to you and your team.

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