F.I.T.E released ‘Mariyadhaikuriya IT Nanbanuku’, a book about Techies work life by a Techie

F.I.T.E released ‘Mariyadhaikuriya IT Nanbanuku’, a book about Techies work life by a Techie

On a pleasant Saturday evening at Nila Party Hall, Adyar, Chennai, the book “Mariyadhaikuriya IT Nanbanuku” was released amongst enthusiastic members of F.I.T.E Chennai Team, representatives of various social movements and the Chief Guests for the day. Sathiesh, Joint Secretary, F.I.T.E Chennai welcomed the audience and the chief guests with his welcome address followed by presidential address of Parimala, President, F.I.T.E Chennai. Parimala in her speech addressed the unquestionable power given to corporates through company and labour act reforms to exploit the human resources of the country, the profit oriented unfair employee practices by corporates, how IT Employees issues globally linked and need of unity among IT Employees.DSC_0106


Parvin, Advocate, Madras High Court next addressed the audience in her enlivened speech insisted how important for them to unite under the forum to reclaim their rights. She also noted how slow is our judicial system with lakhs of pending cases and how hard it is for a laborer practically to win a case against mighty Multi National Corporates. She insisted strongly the need of the realization of IT employees as workers to safeguard their employment under our labour acts.She addressed the issues IT women are facing in the Industry. Parvin was the advocate who represented the employee in the recent case (Ramesha Versus HCL) that made a cheer across IT/ITES industry when Chennai Labor Court said IT employees do fall under the ambit of Industrial Disputes Act and ordered the company to reinstate the terminated employee back to work.

Copy of the book was released by our Special Speaker Prof. Sivakumar, Former President, Government Arts College Teachers’ Union and received by Muthu, Working Committee Member, F.I.T.E Chennai. Prof. Sivakumar in his address noted the various struggles and protests done during his time as President of Government Arts College Teacher’s Union and repercussions they faced by the state for indulgence in such activities. Yet such fierce battles were fought only to win the rights of the people they stood for. Prof. Sivakumar wished well the initiatives of F.I.T.E and appreciated the book “Mariyadhaikuriya IT Nanbanuku” saying the book was informative and had talked about various issues the IT employees’ face and importance of unionization of IT Employees.He said to the audience that unionization is our constitutional right.


Author of the book, Kathiravan  in his speech said how the prevalence of inequality inflicted amongst employees, their subjection to exploitation in this IT/ITES industry, realization of the need of unity amongst employees and how F.I.T.E’s continuous struggles against the illegal jobs termination issue had made him write the series of articles which is now released as a book “ Mariyadhaikuriya IT Nanbanuku”. Kathiravan, an IT professional in Bengaluru is a member of F.I.T.E Bengaluru Chapter. Vasumathi, Vice President, F.I.T.E Chennai delivered the vote of thanks. She thanked the chief guests, the author and the audience for making the event a successful one.Many new IT employees and members of FITE made this event successful one with their participation. It is gives lot of hope to FITE in Tamil Nadu.