F.I.T.E. Publishes Third Expense List

F.I.T.E. Publishes Third Expense List

As we have already announced, here is the third list of expenses:

Expense Details Amount (Rs.)
Campaign Materials Expenses – Bengaluru, HYD, Chennai 23000
Seminar Expenses – Hall Rent, Posters Pasting, Banners & Posters Printing 12435
FITE POCs Train/Bus Travel, Local Travel, Food & Phone Bills 5596
Phone bills of FITE POCs 1170
Press Meet Expenses (23 Jan) 2300
Phase 3 Total (in ₹) 44501
  • The total expense of F.I.T.E.(as on 31 Jan 2015) is ₹. 1,52,363
  • We have been receiving funds in our published account and some funds were collected by our POCs. The total fund raised so far (as on 31 Jan 2015) is ₹. 84,557
  • The total fund required (as on 31 Jan 2015) is ₹. 67,806


Please give your contributions to run the F.I.T.E. – Forum for IT Employees.

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