F.I.T.E. publishes second expense list

F.I.T.E. publishes second expense list

As we have already announced, here is the second list of expenses:

Expense Details Amount (Rs.)
Delhi Expenses (Food, Travel) 6865
Kolkata Expenses (Food, Travel) 4658
Campaign Materials Expenses – Wall posters, Stickers, Auto Stickers, Pamphlets, Flex, Placards (from 12th Jan – 20th Jan) 30200
Fact Finding Panel Expenses (Cab, Food) 2870
Phone bills of FITE POCs 6413
Pune & Mumbai Expenses – Travel, Food, Printouts (6th Jan – 18th Jan) 2900
Hyderabad Expenses – Travel, Food, Pamphlets 9278
Total 63184

The total expense of FITE is Rs. 1,07,862.We have been receiving funds in our published account and some funds were collected by our POCs. The total fund raised so far is Rs.56,241



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